Frequently Asked Questions

What is the status of my application?
How do I notify SACNASP of changes to my contact details?
What reference should I use for SACNASP to correctly identify my payment?
What methods can I use in settling my fees?
Is there any rebate for retired/student/unemployed persons? How do i qualify for this rebate?
Why do I have to pay a Qualification Assessment Committee (QAC) fee if I already have a SAQA certificate?
Can I settle my annual fee by instalments?
Who is responsible for payment of fees?
When should my annual fee be paid?
How do I find out what I owe or get a copy of my invoice or statement of account?
Can you make my invoice out to my employer and include their VAT number?
Can I have my annual fee invoiced for the next financial year in the current year?
Can I have one invoice for all my employees?
Can I have a pro forma invoice for my application fees?
How do I verify that a SACNASP Registration Certificate provided to me is valid?
What are SACNASP's bank details?
What is the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programme?
What work experience does SACNASP recognise when considering my application for Registration?
How do I apply for an upgrade or registration in an additional field?
My registration has lapsed, what do I need to do to renew my registration?
I see my certificate has expired, how do I renew my registration?
I need to nominate a referee/mentor? Who should I nominate?
I need a proof of registration for a job application. What should I do?
How long does the registration process take?
My academic transcript is handwritten; can I submit this for assessment?
My degree certificates and transcripts are not in English, should I translate them to English?
Can you please clarify what SAQA is? I am not South African and not familiar with it.
I have a foreign qualification, what should I do to apply for registration?
How do I obtain a copy of my latest Registration Certificate?
I am completing my undergraduate qualification this year. When should I apply for registration?
What are the benefits of registration?
Why should I register?
Who should register with SACNASP?
My fees at the university / college where I studied are not paid up-to-date so I do not have a copy of my qualification certificate. Can I apply for SACNASP registration using the letter confirming that I completed the qualification?
Does SACNASP issue an updated Confirmation of Skills letter for a critical skills visa application each time the visa needs to be renewed?