Fee Structure

The fees charged by SACNASP during an application for registration and to persons who have already successfully registered is set out below. You can download the 2019/2020 fees here

Application fee

This fee is payable on submission of a new application with SACNASP by someone who is not currently registered. It is also payable by a registered person who applies for registration in a new field of practice. This fee is currently R1800 for applications in the category Professional Natural Scientist and Certificated Natural Scientist and R500 for applications for the category Candidate Natural Scientist.

Upgrade Fee

This fee is payable when a person registered in the category Candidate Natural Scientist or Certificated Natural Scientist applies to have their registration upgraded to a higher category. It is currently R1400.

Qualification Assessment Committee fee

This fee is payable on submission of a new application by a person who holds qualifications obtained outside the Republic of South Africa. It is payable in addition to the application fee but is only payable once for all the qualifications, not per qualification. Once the qualifications have been assessed by our Qualifications Assessment Committee once they will not need to be re-assessed should an upgrade or additional field be applied for. This fee is currently R2300.

Critical Skills Confirmation Letter fee

This fee is payable by non-South African persons who wish to be issued a confirmation of skills letter for a Critical Skills visa application with the Department of Home Affairs. Such a letter can be issued to either a registered person or someone who has applied for registration. This fee is currently R3900.

Appeal fee

This fee is payable by a person whose application for registration was assessed where the applicant is dissatisfied with the outcome of the application and wishes to formally appeal the decision. This fee is currently R2500 and is refunded in the case where the appeal is successful.

Annual fee

These are the fees payable by registered persons annually to maintain their registration. Annual fees are due each year by 31 March.