Fields of practice

SACNASP is mandated by the Natural Scientific Professions Act, 2003 (Act 27 of 2003) to register practicing natural scientists in one of various fields of practice. These fields of practice are now gazetted in the amended schedule I of the Natural Scientific Professions Act (NOTICE 469 OF 2021). The currently gazetted fields are as shown in the table below:

Agricultural Science Includes Forestry and Wood Science
Animal Science
Aquatic Science Includes Marine Science
Atmospheric Science Includes Climatology and Meteorology
Biological Science
Botanical Science
Chemical Science Includes Industrial Science
Conservation Science
Earth Science Includes L4 Competent Natural Science Geo-Professionals
Ecological Science
Environmental Science
Extension Science
Food Science
Geological Science Includes L4 Competent Natural Science Geo-Professionals
Geospatial Science
Materials Science Includes Metallurgical Science
Mathematical Science
Microbiological Science
Physical Science Includes Radiation Science
Soil Science
Specified Science Includes Fire Origin and Cause Investigation
Statistical Science
Toxicological Science
Water Resources Science Includes Hydrological Science and Water Science
Zoological Science
Measurement Science Can be included as a sub-field of practice under any appropriate field of practice in Natural Science