SACNASP is the legislated regulatory body for natural science practitioners in South Africa. The natural sciences encompass a wide range of scientific fields covering all of the basic sciences and many of their applied derivatives. For a complete list of the current fields of practise recognised by SACNASP, please click here.

Our mission is to establish, direct, sustain and ensure a high level of professionalism and ethical conscience amongst our scientists. Their conduct should be internationally acceptable and in the broad interest of the community as outlined in the SACNASP Code of Conduct.

SACNASP’s main objectives are to:

1. To proactively advise the Government and relevant stakeholders on the contributions and role of the Natural Scientific Professions in South Africa.

2. To enforce high professional and ethical standards for the natural scientific workforce.

3. To promote the natural science professions and science engagement in South Africa.

4. To promote the professional development and transformation of the natural science sector in South Africa.

5. To foster a culture of good corporate governance

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