Critical Skills Requirements

On the 2nd of February 2022, the Minister of Home Affairs, the Honorable Dr Pakishe Aaron Motsoaledi (“the Minister”), published the new Critical Skills List in the Government Gazette. As per the Critical Skills List, determined in terms of the Immigration Act (Act 13 of 2022) and the Regulations thereto, as Gazetted on 2 February, a confirmation of skills and qualifications letter can only be issued by SACNASP when applying to the Department of Home Affairs, for a critical skills visa, in one of the Occupations listed in the table below.

To be issued a confirmation of skills and qualifications letter you will need:
  • To meet the minimum qualification requirements (3) for the occupation name (1).
  • To be registered as a Certificated or Professional Natural Scientist in an affiliated Field of Practice (4) to the occupation name(1).
  • To have a SAQA certificate for your highest foreign qualification, at a minimum.
  • To have a minimum of five years working experience in the occupation for which you are applying for a critical skills visa. As per the DHA checklist, “appropriate post-qualification experience” is a requirement.
  • A letter of employment or offer of employment in the company’s letterhead
  • A job description on the company’s letterhead
  • As per the DHA checklist, a Letter of Good Standing is required (obtainable by the company from the Department of Employment and Labour).