Checklist of documents required

During the application process, you will be required to upload the following documents as PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, text or image files. Each document should be in its own separate file. Please ensure you have them ready before you start the process. Please open and look carefully at each file to ensure all the text is clearly legible on scanned documents before uploading it. Uploading incorrect or unclear documentation will result in delays to the evaluation of your application so it is in your best interest to upload clear and correct documents from the get go.

  • Certified copy of your South African Identity document or Passport;
  • Certified copy of any documents relating to a change in your surname such as a marriage certificate or decree of divorce;
  • Certified copies of degree / diploma certificates of all relevant qualifications;
  • Certified copy of transcript (list of subjects passed or taken) for each relevant qualification. This should be on a letterhead of the institution concerned and should preferably indicate the credits that each course carried. No hand-written submissions will be accepted;
  • For all qualifications that included a research project a title page and abstract for the research project;
  • Certified copy of SAQA certificate for all qualifications obtained outside the Republic of South Africa.
  • An English translation by a sworn translator for any of the above documents that are not in English.

Should you be applying for registration as either a Certificated Natural Scientist or Professional Natural Scientist you will further need to have:

  • A completed work experience report detailing your employment history and describing your duties in each position you held (template will be supplied during the application process).
  • Details of your nominated referees who can attest to your work. These should be individuals who have personal first-hand experience of your scientific work as either a manager, colleague, client or collaborator but not a subordinate. They should either be a registered Professional Natural Scientist or a person of equivalent qualifications and experience and / or registrations such as a Professional Engineer. Preferably, at least one referee should be a registered Professional Natural Scientist, for whom you will only need to supply their registration number. For referees not registered with SACNASP you will need to supply contact details and the referees will need to supply a Curriculum Vitae. For a Certificated application you'll need to nominate two referees and for a Professional registration three. Please do contact your referees and ask their permission to nominate them before doing so.

Should you be applying for an upgrade from Candidate to either Certificated Natural Scientist or Professional Natural Scientist, you will also need the following:

  • Details of the person you're nominating as your mentor, who should meet the same requirements as those described above for a referee and will replace one of the referees required as per above.

Should you be applying through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) route you will also require:

  • A signed affidavit indicating that the work described in your work experience report was indeed all your own personal work and not performed by someone else.