I need to nominate a referee/mentor? Who should I nominate?

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Referees and mentors are very important and should ideally be SACNASP registered. They should have first-hand knowledge of the applicant's work and although they do not need to be the applicant's supervisor they may not be his sub-ordinate. Referees and mentors should be able to provide critical insight into the scientific skills and capabilities of the applicant. In the case where they are not SACNASP Registered a CV will be requested from them and their reports will only be accepted if they are of equivalent professional standing to a Professional Natural Scientist. Mentors should be persons who are able to guide a Candidate Natural Scientist through a mentorship programme as part of his/her progress to becoming a Professional Natural Scientist. Those applying for registration as Professional Natural Scientist should provide details of three referees whilst those applying for registration as a Certificated Natural Scientist should provide the details of two referees. In the case where the application is for an upgrade from Candidate Natural Scientist, one fewer referee may be provided and a mentor should also be supplied.