Invitation for public comments on National Forests bill and National Environmental management Laws Amendment Bill

The NEMLA and National Forests Bills are currently undergoing a refreshed public consultation via the Provinces. The narrative at the link prepared by Cliff Dekker Hofmeyer Attorneys and posted on the ICLG website provides an explanation of the process.

The National Forests Bill and the National Environmental Management Laws Amendment Bill are currently out for public comment. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic comments are being collated electronically. The Limpopo Legislature has invited public comments to be submitted via email on or before Wednesday 22 July 2020 to one of the following individuals:

Maphishane Molepo

Lethabo Ligege

The relevant documents can be downloaded below.

(PDF) 1.571 MB
(PDF) 384.982 KB
(WORD) 189.626 KB
(PDF) 222.136 KB

Please submit all comments directly to these individuals and not back to SACNASP.

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