Newsletter April 2020

General Information

SACNASP is now operating remotely with staff working from home due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Please communicate any enquiries to us via e-mail or telephonically.

Registration Office

SACNASP is very excited to be offering a new value-added service to all our registered scientists. You can opt in to advertise yourself on our website and your skills and contact details that you fill in will be searchable on our database of registered scientists. We receive numerous enquiries looking for contact details of registered scientists with specific skill sets and we thought this would be a great way to link our scientists with those in need of their skills. In order to make use of this opportunity, simply login to our scientist’s portal, click on “Networking details” and follow the instructions there. Remember we will only display what you enter there, so add your contact details if you’d like them shared. If you don’t’ know how to login to the portal you can go to and use your registration number.

If you’ve never logged in before your password will be your SA ID number or passport number.

If you’re struggling to login please drop us an email on and we will gladly assist. You are also welcome to call us on 0127486500 and choose option 1 for registrations, but call quality may not be good as we’re all working remotely.

Continuing Professional Development

We have decided to expand category 1 of CPD so that all our registered scientists can be able to meet the requirements.

Category 1 CPD will be providing new courses and some are listed below:

Animal Science - CPD Articles - Bundle for 2020.

SACNASP - CPD Articles - Bundle for 2020

SAIEG - CPD Articles - Bundle for 2020

The link will be available as soon as possible.

All CPD related activities can be accessed on

Introduction to Voluntary Associations

Southern African Genetics Society

The South African Genetics Society is the official professional organization for geneticists in South Africa. It actively promotes and oversees genetics as an academic discipline in South Africa.

SAGS assists and advises on the establishment of standards of teaching, training and research in genetics in South Africa. It also communicates information to the general public on the value of historic and new developments in genetics and encourages education and training in this regard.

The Society strives to facilitate multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional scientific co-operation in genetics, in the context of Southern Africa and Africa. It supports and fosters genetics through congresses, symposia, workshops, newsletters, and publications, including this website.

Visit website

Upcoming Events

Kindly take part in the survey on making funding proposals and tenders more effective from University of Pretoria. PhD survey

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all our upcoming events has been postponed until further notice.

From the Office of the Finance Manager

Registered Scientists must pay their outstanding fees online via pay fast, because if they pay directly to the bank account the payment will take 1 month to be updated. Fees are due this month in order to remain registered.

For any information on finance queries please contact the SACNASP offices on: +27 (0) 12 748 6500

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