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We are pleased to inform you that the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) launched the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI)/SACNASP report on Pathways into the Labour Market and Self-employment for Natural Science Graduates. The research is of particular importance for SACNASP, which is mandated with the registration, regulation and advancement of the Natural Science Profession (NSPs) in South Africa. As part of executing this mandate, SACNASP sought to understand the employment trajectory of natural science graduates in the country. The study, commissioned to the Human Science Research Council (HSRC), aimed to establish the determinant factors that influence the current (un)employment trends and assess graduates' labour market participation patterns. Furthermore, the study is a pioneering effort which seeks to provide evidence on the state of natural science graduates in the labour market. The outcome is to recommend strategies to reduce the country's high unemployment rate amid other grand societal challenges.

The study revealed that while natural science graduate training focuses on developing the theoretical needs of the curriculum, graduates need soft skills to navigate the job demands and there’s a need to develop more entrepreneurial graduates through the Higher Education system. Closer collaboration between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), SACNASP and other stakeholders is necessary to inform the process of skills planning. In the wake of changing labour market dynamics and the growing role of ICT in the 4IR, there is an increased demand for some critical skills while others are becoming redundant. More natural science graduates are getting into non-science careers, such as finance and administration, which could suggest that natural science graduates are flexible and adaptable to a changing skills labour force. The report highlighted the need for robust government efforts and interventions to motivate and support young graduates and entrepreneurs to start businesses. The report also revealed that the private sector should introduce opportunities for various graduate training programmes and provide prospects for graduates through HEI’s career and graduate development programmes.

SACNASP is pleased to present the recommendations of the report. Furthermore, SACNASP will continue to champion and advocate for the NSPs in South Africa and promote progress across all spheres of the national systems of innovation (NSI).
The full report is available on: Pathways Report
This media release is issued by SACNASP.
For more information, contact Dr Matshidiso Matabane (SACNASP) at 012 748 6501
The South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) is the registration and regulatory body for Natural Science Professions (NSPs) in South Africa. SACNASP was established in terms of the Natural Scientific Professions Act (No. 27 of 2003) (hereafter referred to as the NSP Act) as amended by the Science and Technology Laws Amendment Act (No. 7 of 2014).
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Press Release 28 November 2022 page 0001
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