The Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA) in the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and the China Rural

Technology Development Center (CRTDC) of the Ministry of Science and Technology invite applicants to apply for an

opportunity to participate in the “Poverty Alleviation through Science and Technology Workshop” which is supported

by the Chinese Embassy in South Africa.

The Workshop intends to train and capacitate up to 50 candidates from all South African provinces to gain practical

knowledge and skills in implementing Science and Technology-based initiatives focusing on Agriculture to alleviate

poverty in the communities. Investing in agricultural-based poverty alleviation can improve food security, increase

income levels, and promote economic growth. Among other things, the participants will learn about the case of

Poverty Alleviation through Science and Technology, Poverty Alleviation Policies and Practices in China and South

Africa, and agricultural-based poverty alleviation case studies from both China and South Africa. There would also be

showcasing of technology products and innovative farming techniques to increase yields and improve livelihoods.

Professionals, scholars, practitioners, grass-root innovators and agripreneurs involved in community development

projects or passionate about supporting poverty alleviation initiatives are eligible to apply. Young people and females

are encouraged to apply.

The selected applicants must attend the entire three days of the workshop in Pretoria. To apply, please follow the

following link and fill in the online application. Applications are open until 30 June 2023.

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