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I am looking for an opportunity to gain experience within the energy and built environment sectors.

I am thoroughly interested and keen to make a difference in South Africa through the built environment.

I studied for four years at Wits University and graduated with BSc honours in Environmental Science and water management. I turned my attention to the energy side of things and studied and learnt more about renewable energy. I went to Germany for a month and learnt about renewable energy strategies at the University of Kassel. I then went to do a Master of Science in Germany as well. I completed one semester (half a year) but did not feel I had a suitable direction.

I came back to South Africa to gain experience in the “green sector” and completed an internship with Solid Green Consulting. This internship really made me want to work within the green industry of South Africa. I recently completed my EDGE Auditor qualification and want to continue to gain experience in the green built environment. I would appreciate any input or information about any work opportunities the SACNASP may offer.

Attached please find my CV.

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