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I am hereby asking if you will need assistance recently or in the near future in terms of human resource, I therefore ask you to consider my cv as I am willing to work and help the company achieve desired vision and mission. As of now I am asking any type of deployment as I still have to gain more experience in the field of work. I have never worked for formal employment but I promise you to work hard and brought great change in the company. My qualifications, expertise, experience, skills and knowledge make me confident that I can make a huge and effective contribution to the institution. I will be very glad to be given an opportunity to serve as I believe that I have the potential to add more value towards the achievement of the vision and mission of the institution.

I am willing to serve in the institution with the experience and skills I have gained through my voluntary work, academic and community involvement experience. My recent work experience as a volunteer at Xikundu Water Treatment Works has equipped me with planning, time management, interpersonal and communication skills. My involvement with volunteering has taught me valuable experiences in organisational and team work skills. My years of enrolment with the University of Venda for my Bachelor of Environmental Science Degree majoring in Ecology and Resource Management; and Urban and Regional Planning has taught me to work hard, commit myself and be a result driven individual to achieve desired results. My involvement in voluntary work and academic background, skills and competencies make me confident that I am the relevant candidate for the position as these are qualities required for the position.

I am willing to provide any other details which you may need. Should there be an opening for an interview, I am contactable at 0725450020/0784331185 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I look forward to meet with you, to discuss my credentials

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